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I wrote this is for you.

I see you. You’re hustling hard and know you need to step up your search engine optimization game. I know that SEO can be complicated and confusing and that’s why I’m here. To give you the knowledge, confidence, and skills that will best the Google algorithm and skyrocket your visibility.


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An educational and easy to understand guide to search engine optimization written for bloggers and small business owners. Simply SEO covers traditional SEO topics such as keyword research and content optimization as well as foundational best practice techniques to enhance local SEO, gain traffic via Pinterest, and gain more visibility in Etsy.

  • Set up (or start using) Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Leverage keyword research to increase visibility
  • Implement best SEO practices for content
  • Analyze your website data to guide marketing and website decisions

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the sign up process?

    Once you hit that Buy Now button at the top of the page you’ll be directed to a purchase screen. I use a secure, industry-standard program to collect your payment. On that screen you’ll be able to read more about the book and the included chapters. Since the book is a digital download, you’ll receive it as soon as the payment processes.

  • What will I receive?

    Simply SEO! A digital e-book for bloggers and small business owners. You’ll receive the digital copy of the book (available in PDF and ePub form) as well as a complimentary download of the stand-alone worksheet pages in case you want to print them out without printing the entire book.

  • Can I return the book?

    No. Because this is a digital download, there are no returns.

  • Can I contact you directly?

    Yes! Feel free to reach out on one of the social media platforms or email me


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Emily is an SEO Strategist and founder of Some Pretty SEO, a digital resource geared toward bloggers and small business owners to help them understand and implement best search engine optimization practices. In addition to Some Pretty SEO, Emily is the creative force behind the fashion blog Some Pretty Thing.

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